I Wanted to Have New Shutters Put in

I know the cost of great quality orange county shutters because I had them in the house I had just sold last year. I had them installed nearly 10 years prior to selling the house. I wanted to downsize because there was just no need for me to have a home with four bedrooms when I never had overnight guests anymore. All my kids live local, and all of them are settled in their own homes. I sold my home after finding a cute little cottage bungalow that has just one bedroom, a huge living room, a kitchen and a dining room. There are also two bathrooms, which I like a lot!

The only thing it did not have that I really wanted was plantation shutters on the windows. The previous owner took all of the window treatments other than the blinds, but they were not great quality. I found it hard to believe she actually had such a nice home with such cheap blinds, but to each their own. As for me, I wanted the shutters I had been used to for the last ten years. The company that installed them would not travel to where I now live, so I had to look local.

That is how I found Orange County Shutters, and I was so surprised that their prices were as low as they were. I honestly did not know what to think, so I just called to find out why their prices are so much lower than the other companies that make the plantation shutters. They explained that they cut out the middle man for just about everything. They also rely on word of mouth, so they don’t even have to pay for advertising, since whoever has had their shutters installed will almost certainly share the details of it with other people. They came out and installed my new shutters a few months ago, and now this is the perfect home for me.