Crystal Door Knobs

antique door hardwareWhen purchasing a lock if the lock is described as reversible and you need to have the hand of the lock changed, please let me know in a telephone get in touch with or e-mail as I will be pleased to do so. I have been collecting hardware for numerous years and have a vast number of the products at my shop that are not listed on the web site so if you are inside driving distance or just want to take a trip for some fantastic antique buying this is the area for you. Whether the theme is rustic country or modern day industrial, making use of the a variety of sliding door hardware types obtainable incorporated with a door design and style will set functional design and style tone. New, right after-market-spindles are fairly simple to come by, as are new, reproduction, or else, very good-quality, antique, door knobs. If you go for a more whimsical or casual look consider utilizing distinct knobs on each door. I went to my local Ace Hardware, some of them carry the antique locks 🙂 not the brass kind they sell at Home Depot. Sliding doors using the identical style hardware have really been utilized for decades in warehouse and industrial applications. If it really is a lock with knobs on each sides, it will not open because the split in the spindle the knobs are attached to is not in the center of the lock. Chest Lifts, Hinges in brass, forged iron and cast iron, Casters and Clock hardware.antique door hardware

The key drum screws into the assembly into two parts and there is a set screw visible behind that. Regrettably, I reside in northern California and there do not look to be mnay sources for this old hardware. Since the door deal with and grip set portions of antique mortise locks are fairly straightforward mechanisms, they tend to last a very extended time. If you screw the spindle halves with each other tightly (rather than leaving 1/two turn of slop or much more) Each sides of the door will be locked!

Painted hardware can be cleaned with paint remover and/or with a Dremel and rotating brush. We are top Brass door hardware manufacturer and supplier across the planet offering the greatest variety, style, and types of the item. Delightful antique cast bronze door hardware sets by P. & F. Corbin, in the Marseilles” design and style from their 1905 catalog. Now that you know the rewards of lock rekeying vs changing your locks, and you have produced the selection to rekey them, you have 3 possibilities. These days, Corbin Russwin Architectural Hardware in Berlin, Connecticut, manufactures padlocks and is owned by a Swiss concern, which also owns Sargent Lock Company in New Haven, Connecticut. The sliding track will need to have to be lag bolted into a strong wood header above the door.

Pocket door edge pulls set up in the door stile to acts as a deal with for pulling the door back out of the pocket once it is opened. The benefit of employing reproductions is that you can get as many as you require to guarantee that there is continuity all through your house. Other instances, the lock dilemma is not lock associated at all, but rather an concern with the wood around the interior manage, and/or the thumb turn mechanism. If you are interested in DIY, another exceptional source for parts, and vintage builders hardware is The Door Shop on Castlefield Road, Toronto.

I, sincerely, would have had to call a locksmith Vaughan to open my door – this lock seems quite odd and intriguing at the same time. Select from a variety of decorative door knobs and handles in a range of finishes which includes Florentine bronze, polished brass, porcelain, and crystal. Our window hardware line includes, Sash Locks and Sash lifts, offered in several designs. Prior to you can choose if you need to re-key or replace your house or company locks, it is critical to know what a lock re-key process does.