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Take Your Home Décor from Hectic to Eclectic

Updating a room in your home to achieve an eclectic look doesn’t mean anything goes.  There are some design guild lines you’ll want to incorporate to pull off the look.  What some call eclectic others would call cluttered, and you want to have a clear distinction between the two.  First of all, what is eclectic, and why does it matter.  It’s a personal statement using those pieces of furniture and art one would not ordinarily put together.  When thrown together, there are ways of making pieces that would be at odds with one another look very chic.

Starting with the blank walls, pick a unifying color that will be used throughout the design.  If sea glass blue is speaking to you this year, make that your go-to color and show it off.  Once you decide on the brand of paint you want, take your inspiration piece such as a pillow or jar and have the company match the color, buying more than you need for future touch ups.  Once the paint is on the wall, this will serve as the basis for the eclectic touches to come. And remember, it’s easier to paid a board that you can carry around with you when you’re picking out matching or contrasting accessories.  Don’t buy samples and pile them on the wall.  Paint a small board that’s portable.  You’ll find it much more useful.

Once your big furniture pieces are in the room, it’s time to build up the layers of accessories and décor.  This is where the line between thrift shop and eclectic begins to blur.  Don’t fill up every available space with random stuff.  If you’re going for an edgy, modern look, take your cues from the folks at Design Within Reach.  One quality piece of furniture in the true mid-century modern style is worth a trunk load of cast off from a thrift shop.  Especially when you can use a Groupon to obtain a classic piece.

Using your painted board and your inspiration piece, shop, borrow and blend.  Borrow from other rooms or use items you’ve stored away for a time like this.  Shop for interesting pieces that speak to you and blend it all together using no more than 5 different layers of patterns and colors.  Then step back, and take it all in.  Live with it for a while then edit.…